Power Vinyasa @ Anytime Fitness

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Amie Selke Gastineau

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Amie was about 11 yrs old when she took her first yoga class at a local studio in Bloomington, IN. The class was partners yoga series that she took with her mom. For many years following, her practice was not steady or focused in any one tradition but she would always come back to the practice. Finally in 2011, after spending a weekend at Satchidananda Ashram in Virginia, she decided to attend their 200hr residential Integral Yoga Basic Teacher Training. Amie is a RN in the mental health field and began sharing the ancient teaching of yoga in the hospital where she works. Amie has seen yoga be very helpful to many her patients just as it has been helpful to herself throughout her life. Amie continues her studies with Integral Yoga at Satchidananda Ashram through different residential teacher trainings and received her 500hr certificate in April 2014.  Her most recent study was an 80hr Restorative Yoga Training which she completed on March 1st 2015. "I will say that training has changed my outlook on all styles of yoga. A restorative practice allows the body to release on a much deeper level. Which I believe today in our society is needed. Less doing, more being and more caring. I will leave you with a verse from the Bhagavad Gita 2.49 “ Equanimity of the mind is Yoga. Do Everything Arjuna, centered in that equanimity. Renouncing all attachments, you'll enjoy an undisturbed mind in success or failure”.
Om Shanti, Peace, Peace, Peace.

Nicole DeGain

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Nicole started integrating yoga & pilates into her fitness plan by home DVDs in high school. It wasn’t until 2012 that she took it to the level of instructor guided classes. It escalated quickly after noticing physical & mental benefits. She began taking workshops to deepen her practice and ultimately completed the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2014 and became Broga Yoga licensed in 2015.

Nicole has enjoyed teaching and has a drive to bring yoga to others who wouldn’t necessarily think of it as an option for cross training. She has spent the majority of her teaching hours thus far with athletes. However, is open to all classes because of Yoga’s versatility. “We could fill a room with practitioners of various ages, athletic ability, and knowledge of yoga. Queue them all in the same way, and have many, many versions flowing simultaneously. That is why Yoga is beautiful to me,” says Nicole.

Nicole resides on the south side of Bloomington with her husband, Pat, mini-yogi daughters, Noel & Lila. And a few… others- dogs, guineas, chickens, pigs and Donkey.

Beth Lazarus

Beth discovered her passion for yoga, wellness and fitness after raising her children and finding time to take care of herself. Beth began her fitness career in 2009 after completing a cardio dance instructor certification. The combination of cardio dance exercise and strength training helped her achieve her highest level of health and fitness. Beth realized that something was lacking in her routine and found the missing piece of the puzzle by adding the practice of yoga, achieving the perfect balance of emotional, physical and spiritual health. Beth completed her 200 hour YTT in 2014 and is currently working toward her prenatal certification. Beth is co-owner and class manager of Touchstone Yoga and Massage and general manager of Anytime Fitness, Bloomington and Evansville, IN. Beth dedicates her practice to her father, Ken Lazarus, having lived the last 11 years of his life as a quadriplegic with faith, acceptance and grace.
With this class you can expect an inventive and vigorous flow of poses that will move you through the power of inhaling and exhaling. It begins with a series of Sun Salutations and core exercises, moving towards asanas and balancing poses, including back bends, twists, deep stretches, and ending in total relaxation.