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Studio Liability Release

- Touchstone Yoga and Workshop Responsibility Pledge -
Our mission at Touchstone Yoga & Massage is to support you in taking control of your own well-being. This is a process that happens one day at a time, one choice at a time. We ask you to make the clear choice to honor the limits of your body during the events you participate in. When you first begin to notice strain in any pose or other activities, honor that signal and relax into the level of stretch or effort you achieved just before the strain was detected. You will not be failing in any way. The sensation of the strain helps identify precisely where you need to relax the tissue. Going beyond that degree of stretch is a disservice to you. There is no value in trying to keep up with others in the group.
I acknowledge that yoga and other physical activities can result in damage to the body if carried out without due consciousness. I acknowledge that I am aware of possible injuries and I hereby release Touchstone Yoga & Massage and its staff from liability for any injury or damage resulting from my participation in yoga class or workshop.