Paulina Makowska

Active Release Technique (A.R.T.), Structural Energetic Therapy (SET) & Stott Pilates
Paulina has been deeply involved in the body since she was two years old. The daughter of a physiotherapist/choreographer in Nowogard, Poland, Paulina grew up dancing in the theater, where she first learned the depth of the mind-body connection, and their ability to heal each other. The joy she feels when she can steady her mind and move through curiosity, community and pain brought her to where she is today with her work and classes. She believes movement is a connection and true refuge.

This ultimately led her to a Master’s degree in Dance Pedagogy for Social and Cultural Animation from the University of Zielona Gora, followed by certification as a Dance Movement Therapist from the Polish/English Institute of Dance Movement Therapy. Within a year of arriving in the United States in 2007, Paulina became certified as a Stott Pilates instructor and, a year after that, as a licensed massage therapist. Paulina’s certification in Active Release Technique further expanded the menu of healing modalities she offers. Through workshops and continuing education, she constantly strives to further her understanding of a whole person.

Paulina teaches Pilates, Barre and Zenga (a combination form that includes yoga poses, Pilates core, and flow). She uses props to support or challenge, and increase understanding of biomechanics of stability, mobility, coordination, and endurance. In her work you can see the influence of Feldenkrise, Alexander Technique, and Laban Movement System. She believes in touch as a feedback and guidance.

Her favorite pose is Goddess for its sense of safety and feeling alive that is essential to some exercises in Pilates. She also loves squat movements that are so needed in everyday life.

Pilates focuses on mobility and stability in the same moment. As one articulates their spine, they also look to stabilize their scapula and find pelvis placement. There is constant connection between stability and mobility in movement.

If someone walked into her class for the first time, Paulina would want to say to them “be open minded, fearless of heart, here there is no right or wrong and it’s great to be exactly where you are.”

Appointments with Paulina can only be booked over the phone or in person.

Paulina Makowska instructs the following:
  • Reformer for Knee & Hip Stability
  • Pilates equipment class on Pilates Reformer and Cadillac mix.
    This class is created for those who have knee and hips injures, post hip/knee replacement, those who have weaknesses (ex. small tearing, bone spurs or arthritis) and those trying to avoid surgeries.

    Class only holds three people so you will receive good attention to help modify movement and learn.

    If you are a Yoga lover, you will see the influence in this class. If you are a Pilates lover, it is all you know from Reformer and Cadillac fused with gentle
    addition of Yoga.

    It is joint stability and stress-free moving we are looking for!

    *This class has different pricing from our mat classes.
    Single Class...$35
    4 Class Pass...$130 (expires 1 year)
    8 Class Pass...$240 (expires 1 year)

    Space is limited to 3 participants to pre-registration is encouraged.

  • Barre Fusion (Level 1)
  • In this class you'll find elements and principles of Pilates, dance, and yoga. Learn choreography, exercise essence and correct biomechanics of movement while using a barre as a stability prop. We will utilize the power of music to create a safe and fun barre classes that focuses on increasing strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability.
    A great class for bone building, working to gain more balance in walking standing, stronger longer spine, legs and arms and good looking booty.

  • Pilates at Switchyard Brewing Company
  • We're taking movement out of the studio and bringing it to Switchyard Brewing Company!

    Redefining movement and stretch, this fun class will give you full body motion, strength and awareness. Created by the owner of Touchstone Wellness Center, Paulina will use techniques from Stott Pilates with yoga and dance sprinkled in to help you shake off and let it go… You'll sculpt your arms and back, stabilize your lower back and lengthen your spine all with body awareness.

    After class, enjoy a complimentary beverage: mimosa, beermosa or a pint of any Switchyard's house beers.

    This class welcomes participants of all experience levels! We encourage you to invite a friend (or two) and experience something new in a fun environment.

    Please bring a mat and wear comfortable clothing. Class will begin promptly at the listed start time. We suggest arriving at least 10min before the class start time so that you can check in and get settled in for the start of class.

    21+ Event

    Pre-registration encouraged but not necessary.