Heather is a licensed massage therapist in Indiana. Originally from Michigan, she graduated from Indiana University. Once at IU, she feel in love with the city of Bloomington and decided to stay. 
After graduating from Indiana University, Heather found herself working in the medical field. After about two years in the field she felt like she was being called to massage. 
In 2011, Heather decided to continue her education at Associates of Integrative Health for a certification in massage therapy. 
Heather loves massage therapy because she feels like it is her way to help people and give back to the world. She loves essential oils and is interested in learning more about applying them in massage therapy as she grows and expands in her field. 

Rachel is a licensed Massage Therapist in Indiana and Kentucky. She received her Massage Therapy education from the Louisville School of Massage where she maintained her relationship and continued education as a student supervisor after graduation. She has recently moved to Indiana for love and ongoing personal growth. Her goal in life has been to help others, through a process of obtaining a Bachelors in Psychology to a Masters in Counseling paired with over ten years of therapeutic service she has found a fit that meets her goal!

While working in a psychiatric residential treatment facility she saw the benefits and shortcomings of talk therapy/counseling. The body holds stress, memories, depression, anger etc. that the mind cannot always express. It was during this time that she pursued Massage Therapy to better help others. She has seen Massage as an excellent way to release the tension in life, believing Massage is more than stress relief or a once-a-year treat, but rather something the body, mind, and soul need to maintain overall health and wellness.

She is trained in various techniques including Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish Massage, Prenatal, Chakra balancing, Deep Tissue and Thai Yoga Massage. Rachel can address specific issues of complaint while easing the client into a realm of relaxation. She views massage as a science and an art, having practical and indirect benefits with very minimal, if any, side effects. She strives to help others through massage to the best of her known ability while maintaining integrity, honesty and genuine intent toward the strengthening of the goodness in others. Rachel considers it an honor to do the work she does and she looks forward to working with you!

Amy has been practicing massage since 2001, her soulful work is so soothing that it hard not to drift off to sleep. She creates a total sensory experience that supports clients as they develop consciousness of their own relaxation. Her interest in deep listening and in creating an environment where clients can feel and own their own healing process. Gentle touch supports breath awareness and deep relaxation. Amy has been a dancer for many years and continues to teach and explore dance as a healing modality. 
Amy is also a certified Holotropic Breathwork facilitator with Grof Transpersonal Training. She believes in the body's intelligence and its power to heal through practices that involve mindfulness, movement and breath. She's led workshops in Mount Shasta, Santa Cruz, Bloomington, and St. Louis, and traveled to trainings in Europe, South America and throughout the United States. 
A multidisciplinary artists with a focus on the body, Amy holds a Masters of Fine Arts in installation art and performance, as well as a Bahelor's Degree in Ballet and Psychology. She is a  a former professional modern dancer. Amy grew up in Brazil and continues to embrace cross-cultural practices in her work. 

Erin East brings multiple talents and skills to the Touchstone team as both a massage therapist and a yoga instructor.

Originally from Anderson, Indiana, Erin discovered her love for yoga at the Mount Madonna Center in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California where she lived for five years. She grew up doing dance, gymnastics, cheerleading but when she started practicing yoga around 23 years old it felt like coming home.

She holds a 200hr certification and teaches a class based on Ashtanga, the eight limb system. She considers yoga an art and a science that connects us to our greater source. Her asana classes always include other facets of the eight limb practice. The asanas are done as a meditation in motion that are mindful and nurturing experience for the body, mind, and spirit.

If someone walked into her class for the first time, Erin would say “Welcome! Listen to your body and do what feels right to you.”

Erin moved to Bloomington in 2011 to attend the Associates of Integrative Health for certification in massage therapy. In 2013 she received Level 1 and Level 2 training in lomi lomi, the sacred art of Hawaiian massage. In 2016, Erin also certified in Myofascial Release and added a new layer of knowledge to her bodywork.

She loves being a massage therapist because it is a career path that embraces lifelong learning, wellness, and acceptance of others wherever they are at in their journey.

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